Church Program

Friday, May 11, 2018

Dear Pastor,

My name is Hank Sorrow and I have an excellent “Outreach Program” for your Southern Baptist church. It is an anti-drug and alcohol program, Celebrate Recovery program, a prison ministry program, and a Good Health program. All are based on Truth and Jesus Christ.

I am 72 years old and I’ve been a Southern Baptist since I could walk. I was born July 31, 1945. I’ve got a heart for getting the other half of our country off drugs and onto Jesus. I had a thriving securities brokerage, property and casualty insurance agency, and mortgage company all under one roof in Palm Beach County, FL and discovered one of my sons was on drugs and alcohol. He was 16 years old at the time. I quit it all and went back to school and took 12 hours of education courses and went and taught high school environmental science where he attended. It took God and me 5 years to get him back to normal. He went on to the University of Florida, graduating cum laude from the college of architecture as a landscape architect. He has loved the Lord Jesus ever since and is a fervent follower of His for almost 20 years now. He now has his own family. I earned a 3 year teaching certificate from the state of Florida and then left the school system.

Pastor, please take a look at and see if your church would like to participate. It is designed for your teenage and old people solicitors (like me) to receive a monthly commission for subscribers in the gold and silver programs. Your church can have its own website if you wish and it can be funded from the subscriber payments. I am thanking you in advance. You will need a sponsor number so just contact me for it.

Your Friend in Christ,

Hank Sorrow  

Christian Program for Future Health Insurance Coverage

Christians know it is important to live as clean a life as morally possible; answering only to God and family members with a due amount of love and respect.  This is why Christians make good health risks for health insurance companies as well as good risks for property and casualty insurance companies (Homeowners/Automobile/Business). This is also why there is a grace period when buying life insurance. Life insurance should not  be purchased in the heat of the moment with an expectation of a  quick return of investment (A little humor).  High morals and decency have always  been the bedrock of the insurance industry.  The U.S. has for the past 30 years experienced a steady decline in morals and decency and especially during the Obama administration(s). 

It is important to establish a good health record through the Christian church of your choice. This program has all the tools to accomplish this; even long distance through the internet as communication should be constant. This program is not meant to be or appear to be, a health insurance product or a replacement for any type of insurance. This program deals with coded information that is tracked and recorded so that individuals wanting to have a healthier life and a better health record for their employer, future employer, and existing insurance company or a future insurance company can do so.     

Are You Truthing Me?

This is when the cold bare facts hit you that you are no longer in demand...that your word is now meaningless...your jokes are no longer funny...time has run missed the last train are no longer Cinderella as your car just turned into a are no longer Hercules, etc. Then you ask, "Are you truthing me"? That's when reality slaps your face and it's time to call home to Jesus and tell him that you need help....You shouldn't have waited so long.